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  1. bodhan


    Nov 19, 2002
    Hi!I am from Brazil, playing in a jazz and brazilian music amateur big-band.
    I would like to share an experience:
    I have a fretless JB copy with EMG JV pickups (wich is supposed to have a vintage JB sound). I bought recently a MIM fretted JB with the "new enhanced pickups" wich sounds good. Since I am playing more the MIM fretted, I decided to put the EMG on it. The EMG JV sounded terrible ! Too muddy and airless for a fretted bass,even with the 18V mod. If I want a muddy and sound, I can just turn the tone knob down ! I'll try the stock MIM pickups on my fretless. I'am afraid I'll love it ! I'm a little bit disapointed with the EMGs. Do they just have a nice big botton or I'm missing something ? I feel the EMGs a little compressed sound, it's like I have more dinamic control over the passive stock MIM Fender pickups.
    Well, I know this is a topic discussed earlier, I know that tone is a matter of taste. So maybe I'm starting to think about other pickup brand/style.
    Thank you all !