EMG J5 with or without active tone?

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  1. I have a 5 string jazz and I'm thinking about replacing my Fender SCN/Aguilar OBP3 setup.
    has anybody here tried the EMG J5 pickups?
    I like the Marcus type of tone and on my other J basses (which have preamps) I don't have to do much boosting to get that sound.
    The J5s are active but they only have a passive tone control. To get Bass and Treble boost EMG sells an addon module.
    Would I still need the active EQ or do the pickups sound modern enough without it?
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    To get Marcus tone, you might like the extra treble boost you can get from the active tone control, but I personally think they're bright enough.
  3. I bought the J 5s and you're right, they are bright enough. I love the solderless clips. I might change a couple of my other my basses over as well.
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