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  1. I am thinking of maybe perhaps switching out the pickups on my Peavey to a set of active EMG jazz pickups. Im not totaly decided on the matter yet, right now, its nothing more than a thought. But right now, the pickups on it are barely able to curl a smile from my face when I hit my favorite lines. I'm thinking I'd be more happier with the bass if I had new pickups in her. Again, I may not do this. The main reason isn't just that I want them, no. I'm giving this bass of mine to my girlfirend when I get a new one (Washburn T25?) and I want her to have an active bass. She loves my bass, and I think this could be a quick fix for the both of us.

    All feedback is appreciated, thanks,
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    I have EMG Js in two of my Jazz basses (one fretted, one fretless) and they sound awesome to me. EMGs are renowned for giving a very clear and open "hi-fi" type sound. I have a sound clip recorded of the fretless, if you'd like to have a listen PM me with your email address and I'll send it over.
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    I have a set of EMG-Js in my four-string Carvin. Made a passive instrument into an active one - without the addition of a preamp, since the EMG's are internally active (the active circuitry is contained within the pickup itself)...

    They have a clean, clear, precise, refined tone. And although they're true single-coil pickups, there is zero noise, because the shielding is so good...

    EMG-J's are a good choice if you don't want to install an onboard preamp, and you favor a modern, yet civilized tone. Just don't expect 'em to rock down the house - they're not that kind of pickup. They'd be best for pop, light rock, light funk or jazz...