EMG JV Pickup Set with BQC System Active EQ Preamp

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    Just pulled these from my bass. Plugged in one last time before removing them and all's well. Going a different direction.

    EMG JV 4-string set. Neck p/u is 3 5/8" wide and the bridge p/u is 3 3/4" wide. Both pickups have the quick-connect system. Easy-peasy.

    EMG BQC System. Wired for 18v. Four-knob set:

    1. Volume
    2. P/U Balance
    3. Concentric Mids
    4. Concentric Bass/Treble

    This is the older system that doesn't utilize the quick-connect system. The p/u wires are soldered to the knobs at one end. The other end of the p/u wires contain the quick-connect tabs that mate with the p/u's.

    $125 which includes USPS Priority shipping.

    Feel free to ask any questions.

    Thanks for looking!
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    and sold...

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