EMG P-J set, White MM 3 band pre amp.

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  1. Hey All,
    I have a pretty much new 4 string P/J set with the white covers. They were only in my bass for about a week. Included with the pick ups are, Volume pot, EMG Pan pot, Tone pot. Also, the out put jack, and chrome mounting screws. The set cost $139, plus $25 for the pan pot.

    I will take $89, and include shipping via the USPS, USA only.

    I would also take a Bartolini MMC, or other MM type pick up on trade.

    I also have a Music Man pre amp. It is out of a new Sting Ray. 3 band pre amp. Knobs are also included. $85, includes shipping.

    If interested, please E-mail me at repairsbyjoeeg@optonline.net

  2. Email sent about the MM preamp.
  3. E-mail's replied to. Pending sale on the EMG's. I will try to get some PICS up in a bit, have to get some batteries for the camera.

  4. Here are a couple PICS.
  5. MM Pre-amp ***SOLD***

    EMG's Still pending.
  6. EMG's are ***SOLD***