SOLD EMG Parts: BTC HZ, BQC, BT, and VMC Preamp Modules

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    Mar 11, 2003
    Michigan, USA
    I have been playing around with different EMG parts utilizing the solderless connection.

    I got a good deal on a BTC HZ set, this includes the pots, wiring, knobs, for a volume, passive blend, and bass/treble stack.

    I also got a deal on a VMC, which is the variable mid control. It is stacked allowing a sweep and boost/cut of mid frequency.

    The VMC and BT unit make up the Q series. These two are separate modules, so they can take up space.

    The BT has not been hooked up at all. The VMC was used for a few hours. I am sticking with the BT stack or a BXG in my Warwick. Overall, everything is in mint or new, but open and unused condition.

    I was going to add the EMG parts into a passive bass but am going to keep it passive.

    I soldered the pickup leads to the B125 ACTIVE BALANCE CONTROL / (ABC) so it has been used as such.

    I would do all the parts for 120 shipped. If you wanted to use active EMG pickups, you would need to get the the ABCX that is designed for active pickups, as the B125 is for HZ or passive pickups.

    Pics to come!

    Essentially includes:
    EMG BT
    EMG ABC B125
    Solderless Volume Pot
    Black EMG regular & concentric knobs
    Stereo jack(s)
    solderless wiring

    Asking for 120 shipped in the Cont USA for all of the parts. Waiting a bit to see if someone wants the whole lot before piecing it out.