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  1. I have a non-reverse T-Bird clone (all mahogany)that I'm just finishing up on and plan on using either Barts or the EMG passive 35's until I can find some 'real' 60's pickups to put in it. Has anybody tried the passive 35's in a T-Bird? How are the T-Bird replacement Barts in comparason to the passive HZ'z? Please keep in mind that I'm keeping the bass passive with conventional vol/vol/tone T-Bird electronics with 500k pots. Thanks for your opinions!!!!
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    Jan 11, 2005
    I have some HZ's in a mahogany ESP and I really like them. I know they will sound different in a T-Bird, but I think they are at least worth a look. A lot of people seem to think that they sound sterile, but I think the mahogany helps to warm them up considerably. I even changed them out of my ESP for a set of 35 DC/CS, and ended up switching back. I think if you try them and aren't happy, you could probably sell them for nearly what you paid. Same goes for the Bart's too. I haven't played the Bart's but the combination of them and the mahogany body tends to produce mud, or so I've been told. Good luck.