EMG PU's and active electronics on a Cort Artisan?

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  1. I own an active Lefty Cort Artisan 5 string bass.

    It's about 5 years old and was built before bartolini pu's and electronics became standard for the range.

    Currently it has the standard mighty mite pu's and unknown electronics that it was purchased with. There not much i can do with it tonally at the moment to achieve the modern sound i need to cut through the mix of the coverband i work with. Plus it just sounds thin and cheap next to other more expensive basses

    Can't really afford to buy the high end bass of my dreams brand new, and being a lefty in australia its virtually impossible to find a high end second hand bass.

    So i'm looking into getting EMG pu's along with EMG 18v active circuit with the mid-boost/cut to get as close i can to the modern sound i want for AU$600 without spending AU$5000 to get there.

    Is it worth it? can high end electronics make the difference, or would they just excentuate the tonal qualities i already dont like?
  2. Arjan


    Apr 18, 2002
    If you want to cut through, EMG is the ticket.
    And if you want balls and flexibility into your sound use a EMG CS pickup in the bridge position and a EMG J (both available in rectengular shape) in the neck position. I have this in my 4-string and it WILL cut through.
    The only thing you need to do is to add a resistor to the EMG CS pickup since it's a bit louder then the EMG J. You can also add a switch to the resistor so you can use it as a boost knob (cool heh). You should email EMG for what resistor value you should use (I can't remember it anymore).
    Also, the 18 volt (run the pu's also on 18 volts) control system with variable mid-range bass/cut would be best for you (emg BQ system). With this you can dail in any frequency from 300 to 3khz and cut/boost it up to 12db. Just go for it!
  3. Have just checked out the emg online catalog. What are the tonal differences between the CS, DC, and J pu's?