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  1. Hello, I currently have the EMG P installed into my Fender Precision Bass. My question is if I install an LJ in the bridge position and a BTC System, could I decide not to use the volume, and just use the blend knob for switching between pickups, and the stacked bass/treble knob and it working properly. Basically I would just like to use 2 holes from the pickguard and the last one for the input. Would this setup work properly? Thanks.
    P.S: I had to stuff in the battery when I first installed my EMG P. Thanks for all your help.
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    Jun 15, 2005
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    Don`t think this will work mate,you will need a volume ,blend and tone.Best way is to have an input socket fitted on the side, also gonna need battery space for the BTC.
  3. So deep-dish it. Okay. How do I secure the input considering I don't have the pickguard to support it? Will I have enough room? If not should I make room? And where should I start getting some cavity in? Also would any other EMG sound nice with my EMG P? Thanks again..
  4. I just took out the BTC control on my EMG loaded P bass. The pickup puts out more than enough low end without it. Also the BTC seemed to make fret noise more prominant. I am a bit treble shy, I must admit, so you may like it. It just seems that the bass control was just way too much with that pickup, so I went back to Vol/Tone and it's just right!