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EMG Select for P bass

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by ChaosGwar, May 10, 2002.

  1. Does anyone have any experience using these? I saw them in the StewMac catalog, selling for $23.90. They will be replacing the bad pick ups in a back up bass.

    Basically, are they good for the money?
  2. Damn rite !

    I put them in mr.P and was stunned about the sound :eek:
    They have 0 buzz, and have more lows and mids than the stock pickups.

    go for it dude ! you'll be amazed ! :D
  3. Sweet!

    Thanks for the info. I'm all over it. I'll be ordering those pups ASAP.

    As far as having more lows than the stock pups, I'm not sure, the stock pups go so low you can't even hear them! (read as: the pick ups are dead and don't work.):D

    Thanks again.

    EDIT: Afterthought, my bass is passive, will these work, or should I start looking at preamps?
  4. like i said.. i put them in a squier.. ;)

    never heard of active squiers.. ;)
  5. Ahhh... I guess I thought you put a preamp into Mr. P when it got upgraded.

    I guess I'll be ordering them this morning!

  6. Well, my pick ups arrived in todays mail. I'll let you know what I think later tonight when I install them.

    I was really surprised with shipping. Stew Macs customer service is excellent. Shipped in less than 5 days. Not bad.
  7. DAYUM!!! These new pick ups have breathed new life into an old bass!

    I stuck the EMG Selects in my Cahuenga P bass (they aren't yet wire to the pots, just the jack) and I am very happy. The suckers have got some massive output. I had to adjust my amp a little to get my tone, but these things put out! Playing through my practice amp, volume at 1, it's loud enough to practice with. I'm afraid to turn it up a little more because I might wake up the neighbors!

    I will be getting more EMG selects when I finish my custom body. Very good pups, very nice price. :D

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