EMG vs. 1/4lb. SD both P&J

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    Jun 26, 2005
    Big D TEXAS
    i know there are tons of pick-up threads covering some of this, but....

    i have a fender steve harris percision bass. the day i bought it, i installed an EMG-P into it. I have had good luck with the EMG (no noise, boosted lows, mids), but i am thinking of putting the quater pounders back in.

    since i really didn't play the bass more than 5 minutes with the quarter pounders installed, i don't know how they sounded.

    here is my question:
    compared to the EMGs, will the 1/4lb pickups be as quiet or hot?


    i have a geddy jazz. i disliked the stock pick-ups, and put in EMG's. this has seved me well, but

    question #2:

    any other suggestions for a quiet (no hum when soloed), balanced j-bass replacement besides the EMG? i canot have pole pieces that rise of of the pick-up cover (they shread my fingertips).

    other info: i play gk1001rb-II into 2x 115 sbx-II cabs. i play with my fingers with a traditional tone.