EMG vs. DiMarzio for Fender JP 90?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by khayes1995, Oct 19, 2001.

  1. khayes1995


    Jan 25, 2001
    I'm thinking of upgrading my Fender JP 90's pickups and I'd like to bring out a more growley J sound rather than a beefer P sound. I've looked at EMG and DiMarzio because they sell prewired JP sets. Anyone have a strong opinion about these, or any other manufacturer?
  2. I love my pj emgs, but they are known for their clarity and completeness of tone rather than their growl.
  3. If you want growl get DiMarzio
  4. Just get a DiMarzio Model J and leave the stock Precision pickup in there. I had a pair of Model Js in a Mexi Jazz, and they were the shiznit.