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SOLD Eminence 4RN removable neck Electric Upright Bass EUB

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Basses' started by schott1984, Jun 9, 2019.

  1. schott1984

    schott1984 Supporting Member

    Apr 1, 2017
    Saint John, IN

    Not playing upright now and needing to get rid of some gear.

    Comes with hip support, soft case, and EXPENSIVE SKB golf bag hard flight case with wheels.

    Great condition, has a couple dings near the neck joint you can see in the photos. The lighter coloring you see on the fingerboard is just the nice figuring on the ebony board.
    This thing plays sweetly!

    Price is shipped within CONUS for payments via verified PayPal to confirmed PayPal addresses ONLY.

    Will ship with neck removed inside the soft case then inside the SKB flight case with additional padding. This is how it was shipped to me and it arrived nicely.

    IMG_20190609_155611.jpg IMG_20190609_155513.jpg IMG_20190609_155602.jpg IMG_20190609_155619.jpg IMG_20190609_155636_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190609_155642_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190609_155644_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190609_155652_Bokeh.jpg IMG_20190609_155814.jpg IMG_20190609_155828.jpg IMG_20190609_155831.jpg IMG_20190609_155834.jpg IMG_20190609_155842.jpg IMG_20190609_155847.jpg IMG_20190609_160006.jpg IMG_20190609_160119.jpg IMG_20190609_160159.jpg IMG_20190609_160204.jpg