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  1. I blew a Kappa Pro 15 in my Mesa cab. Now I'm looking to replace it. It's got a PV 15 BW in it right now, but I either want an EV or something voiced for bass. I really don't know what all the specs mean. They seem to be somewhat similar with all the Eminence drivers. What's the difference with the Legend series drivers? Thanks
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    Oct 26, 2004
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    I have a Legend CB15 in a custom 1x15 cab. I haven't gigged with it and use it mostly for practice at my home. I can't really compare it to any other Eminence 15, but I am very happy with it. The sound is warm, but it still has plenty of punch. I use it with an Ashdown MAG 300 and can get a wide variety of tones with it. According to Eminence, the speaker was specifically designed for bass cabinet applications.

    I got the speaker from partsexpress.com and I spoke with one of the techs there before I bought it. I was looking at the Kappa 15 also since it and the CB15 were the only two speakers that were designed for the size of my enclosure. The tech told me that the bass players he had spoken with who had tried both speakers preferred the CB15. Hope this helps you. Good luck.
  3. Was the guy at PE helpful? I got some bad advice about car speakers there FWIW. I wonder if Eminence support will help. Thanks
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    From my limited experience, Eminence support is very good. Ask specific questions and ye shall receive
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    just remember, when you talk to eminence tell them the dimensions fo your cabinet. not every speaker will sound good in your cab.

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