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EMJ parallel and pre amps

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by darthplagis, May 12, 2006.

  1. hi heres the score, i'm gettin a set of emg j's (the standard non pole peice active models) and a bqs control eq (its a 3 band, sweep mid) ok now here is my problem......

    i have a jaguar bass which has a series parallel switch according to EMG the pickups cant be used in series/parallel, i was just wondering if anybody else has tried this and any reasons they cant be seies/parallel (i understand that they cant be tapped as they are sealed units but surely i can just wire them so the signal chains up???:confused: )

    also the preamp (bqs control), not asking for help just opinions on wether longer wire runs on the pots would make much difference in usage as the bass treble controls would be set on the roller pots on the bass horn with the concentric middle and master vol on control plate
  2. they're just like everyother pickups.. they should work in series :)
  3. thats what i was thinking, just maybe the internal pre amps would go funny if you seriesed them or something......or emg want to charge more for a 'custom' pup thats the same but series 'compatable'
  4. hmm don't see the problem.. all a series/parallel switch is doing is mixing the signals before they go to the input jack.. :/
  5. luknfur


    Jan 14, 2004

    technically no it can't be done. I'm probably one of the few poeple who's ever actually done it (with J's in fact) and I posted a thread on it way back.

    EMG says it can't, they make the gear, and they know their stuff. Plus that, a lack of optional wirings is a major disadvantage so they wouldn't post that info otherwise.

    The pups have an internal pre resulting in fixed paths so it's not like an onboard preamp with external switching done before the signal is sent to the preamp.

    HOWEVER, they worked when I wired them as such and to me it sounded like a parallel option. It's been a long time for all I know only one of the pups may have actually been working. I would hope I would verify both were but I don't remember.

    I wired them straight to a jack though, no onboard controls, no external preamp involved. That I remember.

    I also had a BQS control. Don't like variable mids. The BQS system has that specific EMG blend and you might give that some thought. Didn't have it so don't know if it's worth the bother. Apparently you cant use that blend with other pups. The BQS control you can use with any pups and I ran a myriad of them through it as I ran it as an outboard.

    The longer wire won't matter to my knowlege. Wouldn't matter if it did if you have no choice.
  6. thankyou luknfur, you just cleared all of my major Q's.

    i was thinking along the lines of the internal pre's may interact weird with each other, i'm gonna try just the pups with master vol and tone using the switches on my jag to check the series mod before i actually order the pre amp.

    the only reason i want the bqs control is the switches on the bass are part of the jaguar look and sound (you cant back off the neck vol with bridge full as on a jazz due to master vol and switches) so i didnt want the blend pot of the bqs system and i will have 4 pots open for use on the bass perfect for master vol, treble, bass and concentric mid.

    its not a problem if the series parallel doesnt work as it is a minor use mod any way (im not sure which one was series or parallel as stock, but one was weak and one was big on sound so i want the bigger one obviously.)

    thanks again for all the info I'll post up the results when the pups get here next week:hyper:

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