No longer available EMPRESS PRE: Empress MultiDrive / Empress ParaEQ w/BOOST / MXR Power Block / Pedalboard / Tuner

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    Mar 26, 2013
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    So, aside from a compressor pedal that I'm keeping, this is my Empress "preamp" rig that I run in front of my Mesa Subway D800 amp (selling in another listing) and my Modulus Q5 (also going up in another listing soon).
    I LOVE this warm, freaky-sculptable and gorgeous Empress front end, but it's time to pay tuition, and the gear gotsta sell :(
    Prices are fair, I do hope someone will buy the lot, it is a TRULY sculpt-able front end for any power section or direct-to-house. I really hate doing this. I have a good seller rating, so be confident that you are getting solid gear, purchased new by me, well cared for, smokeless and minty as advertised.
    Paypal is groovy, as is the Cash App or Zelle.
    If you buy the package, I'll throw in several pedal patch cables (nice ones), a speakon cable or two, and some other goodies as I am totally cleaning out the rehearsal room, and I want this gear to stay on stage!!!! If you are familiar with the Empress gear, you know how
    formidable this pedal combo is.

    Empress ParaEQ minty = $185
    Empress MultiDrive minty = $190
    MXR DC Brick with all cables and power supply = $50
    Boss TU-2 Tuner good= $45
    Roadrunner Soft PedalBoard = free with whole package, plus cables and goodies
    Package Price = $400 shipped to lower 48 ($70 off)