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    Most of us have the problem of the EUB spinning away from us from time to time. I like the Eminence end pin approach; a short bar that prevents this problem, but it is a proprietary article, and I do know how to go about fashioning something like it.

    I noticed two rubber crutch-tip types (below), designed most-likely for a cane, that looked like we EUB'ers might find useful as a more stable endpin tip:

    Either of these look like worthwhile candidates, especially the 4-pronged model. OK, here's my question: since these have a range of sizes for canes, how would one affix them to the much-smaller diameter of an end pin?
    Any thoughts?

    Many thanks
    Jon Schwabe

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  2. one technique I've seen used is to stack, or sleeve I suppose, vinyl or rubber furniture "feet" of increasing diameter until you match the desired ID.

    Nice idea on the cane footing, btw :cool:
  3. Do you know the STA-SET pinrest?

    I like it on my bass. You only need to put a sheet of harder plastic foil between the aluminium ball end and the rubber plate to avoid squeaking when changing the bass angle. I think I have mine for about 15 years and it's still working.
    You may want a normal rubber end too, sometimes the STA-SET gets loose during a transport, so you may want to use a cheap rubber end for transport and the STA-SET for performance.

    Oops, thought you were speaking about DB. The STA-REST does not avoid rotation.
    But I prefer to be able to rotate the EUB a bit using the body separator/spacer. I put (two layers of) rubber foam on mine so it cannot slip.
    For EUBs, the Eminence approach is really clever for avoid ing rotation but be able to change the angle.

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