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Engaging/Interacting with the Audience

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by eow, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. zulujack


    Jul 25, 2008
    It is a very complicated question! First you have to get the girls on the floor, but if they are too good looking and they are there with other girls then the next person to arrive will be the creepy drunk guy, which will then result in the girls leaving half way through the song. What you gotta do is make them not care. Get a good looking frontman and play funky leg openers like a few James Brown or Stevie Wonder songs. They always love it. Adjust your volume and energy to the crowd. Chances are if you start with a 4 person crowd and a you crank it up to 12 while rolling around on the stage like a drug induced maniac, they will think you are weird and leave. Engaging the crowd works when there is a crowd. If there's only a handful of people its more like addressing a tour group and people start feeling a little awkward. If you are going to do call and response just be sure you are going to pull it off. Nothing worse than waiting for the response.... and nothing. Try not to tackle the big issues like poverty and world peace. You are not Bonno and drunk people don't care. Above all else do anything to encourage the patrons to drink more. The venue owner will love you more for it and the crowd will think you are OK. Time your set playing the dance songs at the right time, and the Muso, self loving stuff at the end of the set(s) and not all the time. Other than the avid guitar hero players no one really cares for a 20 minute guitar shredding session, but if you throw one in in every now and again it will stand out more without making the band seem self absorbed. Oh... and make sure you know every song under the sun. Drunk people can never understand why the f(*ck you don't know summer of 69 or Jessie's girl. They get upset and leave, taking all their drunk friends with them.
  2. rockdoc11


    Sep 2, 2000
    Keep smiling, and at least pretend you're having fun on stage, even if that's not true. A fun time is contagious.

    If you look like you're worried, the bad vibe will spread through the crowd, and it goes downhill, at least IME.
  3. We try to be spontaneous with our set lists.

    Guage what we think the audience wants, try to cover any requests.
    Usually we will tell jokes or make funny comments between songs to lighten up the atmosphere and also ask if anyone has birthdays or aniversaries etc.

    A previous posters comment about lighting is a good tool also in creating that 'lets party - let your hair down' atmosphere.
    That's why the worst gigs for audience enthusiasm I've found are daytime lunch/arvo gigs. Just no atmosphere, people aren't into the mood to let their hair down.

    I've jumped out on the dancefloor and started dancing and playing to get that vibe going (just don't get some poor girls hair caught around your tuners). Play it safe. ;) But once a few get going, it draws others to the dancefloor.

    If that doesn't get the bums off the seats, I don't know... dynomite maybe or let off a fire exstinguisher:hyper:
  4. yes. always base your stage presence off of the mighty billie joe armstrong. :)

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