Engelhardt EM1-B as a slap bass

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  1. I just purchased a used Engelhardt EM1-B as a slap bass (plain gut d and g, wound e and a) . I tried it on a gig last night using a gage realist pick-up and it was a disaster (no definition at all. Big thud). My other bass is a Shen plywood strung with velvet blues and it sounds great. The Engelhardt EM1-B sounds find acoustically, but plugged in it was rough. Any help/thoughts would be greatly appreciated
  2. It's the Realist. Pure thud on a ply top especially with dark strings like gut.

    You'll probably do much better with an Underwood or a Rev Solo, maybe a Bass Max if you like lots of low-mids that will sound like a P-Bass.
  3. I've got the same bass and I use the bass max set up. It's a great mix. Currently using weed whackers.... It's getting the job done.
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    The Engelhardt is the bass of choice for Nicolas Dubouchet and he gets a fantastic slap tone. Makes me want to trade my Kay for an Engelhardt with Cordes Lambert strings (just kidding)