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Enn-Bee-Dee: CUTLASS (supreme)

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by kinopah, Feb 24, 2017.

  1. kinopah


    Oct 19, 2014
    So, I turn 40 in 34 days, but this bass makes me say OMG... like out loud... the letters. My 14 year-old would be like "Dad, don't say that."


    IMG_8686 2.

    One-off MusicMan Cutlass from NAMM - sparkly sky-blue, ebony board, roasted neck. Kinda took a chance on it because I'd played the Caprice a few times and dug it (including using just the P), but didn't know how I'd like this thing's shape or feel. I was kinda worried about whether the sound would be on the muddy side, but it cuts great and still sounds thick. I'm used to active and I'm playing it through an MXR DI+, but it doesn't even need that. Dunno if it's the ebony, but it sounds at least as crisp/bright as the Caprice I played with a maple board. It did arrive with Guitar Center-level action (laughably high), but on a MM that's a 2m fix. The 5-bolt plate and cutaway makes it way easier to hit the high e than my B-O Stingray.

    For some reason I thought the Caprice would have a Sterlingish neck and the Cutlass would have a Stingrayish neck, but it's really its own distinct shape and crazy playable. The roasted maple is really pretty, but the satin is especially great - even better than those buttery American Special satin necks. When I first saw these last year, I thought the wider Strat-type body looked kinda dorky, but it works for this bass and is super round and comfy. Kinda wish these passive models put the jack on the front, but I get that's a MM thing and they're sticking with it.

    For sure the Cutlass is a deep P-bass homage, but also feels enough like "its own thing". A lot more funk and mojo than the typical Precision clone and prob more bite than anything similar I've played. Safe to say that if you can't get into a passive P, this wouldn't be for you, but it doesn't feel like the same old thing at all.

    Will prob trick it out with D-tuner and a white pearl guard down the road, but for now STOKED.
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  2. superdick2112

    superdick2112 Mile High Bassist Supporting Member

    Nov 20, 2010
    The Centennial State

    Congrats, and Enjoy!
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  3. DDXdesign

    DDXdesign formerly 'jammadave' Supporting Member

    Oct 15, 2003
    Wash DC metro area
    Right behind you, brother; my 40th is in something like 74 days and I'm trying to decide on a new bass for the occasion myself. That Cutlass looks nice, man, the blue really pops in the sun!
  4. sears

    sears Supporting Member

    Aug 7, 2005
    ec, md
    so MONEY
  5. Mike Vee

    Mike Vee

    Oct 8, 2012
    That is brilliant
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  6. lowdownthump


    Jul 17, 2004
    Another beautiful Musicman. Wow!! Still have this one?
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2017

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