For Sale Enttec DMX USB Pro Mk2 USB DMX Interface

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    This interface has been used just a handful of times before I decided to go a different direction. Comes with the 5-pin breakout pigtail and i'll throw in a USB cable as well. $150 shipped CONUS.

    ENTTEC DMX USB Pro2 DMX Interface Features at a Glance:
    • The perfect affordable DMX interface for basic and advanced lighting rigs
    • Slim, convenient, and reliable 1-in/1-out (simultaneous) USB DMX interface
    • Each DMX port features full RDM capability
    • MIDI input and output ports allow for deeper integration with more complex lighting and media rigs
    • Standalone operation allows unattended replay of lighting shows (1 universe)
    • One firmware version supports all features (no firmware juggling)
    • True 1500V isolation separates all DMX ports from each other, keeping your computer and each data line safe from surges
    • Internal frame buffering preserves data integrity when your computer is busy
    • Works at various communication speeds
    • FTDI chipset provides compatibility with Windows, OSX, Linux, and other operating systems
    • Conveniently stores configuration and user data in EEPROM
    • Refresh rate configurable from 1 to 40Hz
    • Break time configurable from 96uS to 1.3mS
    • MaB time configurable from 10.6uS to 1.3mS
    • USB and breakout cables included sBZo%%jhSjuVegbWXhFy3g.jpg fullsizeoutput_1402.jpeg fullsizeoutput_1404.jpeg ry8FOZ2fQp2CshbwRsiEog.jpg
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