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    Dec 4, 2000
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    hey everyone

    as of late i have really been getting into john entwistle's playing. he does great work on the bass, i'm sure anyone can tell you that. anyway i want to expand my bass horizons by working on some of those crazy techniques the ox used. i only know the name of one, the typewriter method, but i don't know how to do it. i tried searching for any tutorials on some of these but didn't find anything. does anyone have some reading on the subject or is practiced in them? thanks in advance!

  2. I've got a fairly crummy video, "Play Rock Bass With the Greats" where Entwistle tried to explain the typewriter.

    The reason I say it's "fairly crummy" is that instead of walking you through it, he just uses the technique at 199 mph.
  3. he explains it in his Hot licks bass masterclass video-

    it looks like he had a very low action indeed- so he could get a percussive effect even with his thumb plucking the E string.

    the typewriter method involves turning your hand sideways so each finger can tap a string.

    Doug Wimbish used a variation on this with Living colour eg. "postman".
  4. According to the ox in his video, the only reason he used the "typewriter" and other flashy techniques was to look cool on stage! Then he pulls out a pick and says something to the effect that it's the best way to play.

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