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  1. hallo..

    I'm looking for an envelope filter!! what can you reccomend?
    are the electro harmonix products good or not.
    how about the Q-tron + or the tube zipper??
    are there some other good marks which provide cool envelope filters and such stuff?
    maybe you know something..
    thank you!!

  2. Try a search, not to be rude, but you wouldn't believe how many threads we have on the subject if I told you. :eek:
  3. Cheap, works good- no true bypass, though(I think).
  4. ok, sorry. I'm a member only since today, so I don't know about everything here. But thanks, i will search for some infos in older threads.

  5. It's ok. Welcome to TB! We just have a lot of threads on envelope filters!
  6. Mutron
  7. fraublugher


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  8. MAGUS®


    Dec 23, 2004
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  9. I say EBS BassIQ.
  10. Thanks for replying and helping me. I am looking forward to test some of these Filters soon, if I find some in our music store
  11. another question: what is the envelope filter, which can sound the most "crazy"?
    A friend of mine uses an ehx tube zipper for guitar. i have listended to it and i'd like to produce such crazy signals with bass like he does with the zipper on guitar.
  12. http://filters.muziq.be/

    Has audio samples of filters, synths, ring modulators, phasers, followers, talkbox's, you name it.
  13. Die Digitech Bass Synth Wah ist verrückt.
  14. Thanx!!