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  1. I recently watched the Star Licks video on Flea. (my idol) And he was using an "Envelope Filter" to get that underwater, funk, wah sound. Now I may not be looking in the right places, but I do not see an Envelope Filter effects box for bass. Is it called something else? Can anyone point me in the right direction?:confused:
  2. Envelope filters are pretty much universal, IMO the best ones on bass are the Mu-tron III+, Lovetone Meatball (recently tried a friends out it's a sweat heart), EH Q-tron+ and Bass Balls.

    You have just started down a long path (I think) to find the perfect envelope filter to your taste and needs.
  3. Flea uses Bass-Balls.
    Anyone know how much it would set me back?
  4. Their cheap both units (U.S. reissue which is better but slightly more expensive or the older Russian model which is cheap) are under $100.00 around $62-89, very cool sounds, sub harmonic big nose projected sounds with the sensitivity turned all the way down or slippery wet wah sounds with the ses. maxed the distortion is very cool for more throat in the mix...

    Cheap way to add a very cool effect to your setup.
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    Jan 13, 2000
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    The EBS BassIQ is a really cool one as well. And it is even geared more for the Bass :)
    I just got one and I love it. They run from $170-$200. It is also a very simple envelope filter to use (just 2 knobs and 1 switch) and it doesn't degrade your sound when not in use.

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    i just got my moogerfooger in the mail today and love it. Very liquidy and funky.
  7. Last time I looked, Flea used the Boss Auto-Wah. I don't know if he does/did use bass balls, he may have.

    Anyway, the envelope filter he used in the video is the DOD Fx25. It's not brilliant. Better ones are the muTron, QTron, QTron+ and the mother of ALL envelope filters, the MOOGERFOOGER BF 101. That one's tight. They are expensive though :(
  8. ImNotGeddyLee

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    Mar 13, 2001
    Providence RI
    heh heh i got my moogerfooger for under 150 with an expression pedal... its awesome
  9. Under $150!!! damn man. I live in Australia and I don't know of ANyWHERE where I can get one. If I could, the price would be around AUS$500, or $250 US. I REALLY want one. Do you know of any online Music stores in the US that ship to Australia? and are reliable?

    Got G.A.S man....bad.... :)
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    www.musictoyz.com ships worldwide. I think their USD price is $269.95.