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EP artwork- how to?

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by qunndo, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Pretty silly thread i know, but my band is currently going through the process of selecting some artwork for the cover of a debut ep but none of us are graphic artists and we don't have any connections who are. Are there any of you guys who have faced this problem and how did you get around it? I don't expect the ep to go national or anything, and not to worry about copy rights but i dont really want to 'borrow' anyones art. We want a professional looking product that has a bit of appeal. Any advice?
  2. Traver


    Sep 25, 2007
    So far I've done two things:
    1) Take a digital camera and go out and take some pretty photos of whatever you think suits your album
    2) Find some paintings that you like that are so old that they no longer have any copyright protection

    Then take what you have and fix it up with some text and maybe a little effects here and there in Photoshop or whatever you can get your hands on.
    It's not gonna look professional, but it's better than nothing.
  3. 3. Get over to deviantart.com or another graphic design show and share forum, register, go to the projects forum and ask if anyone would develop something for you for expererience, or find art you like among the hundreds of thousands of posted images, PM the artist and ask if they mind you using it for an album cover. They may, they may not.

    My band got both our backdrop art and the rights to use another image as a large stage poster just by asking via the method I described.

    Good luck.
  4. This is just my opinion but I'm coming from the viewpoint that everything a band does should look professional as possible even if it's just a regional release. Remember that when people look at the CD or photo's of the band, your artwork is beng compared, albeit subconsciously, with what they saw on the latest Metallica/Rush/whoever's CD cover.

    Consider how much the EP is costing you - recording, mastering, pressing (assuming you're getting it pressed properly and not just burning copies on yer PC), etc.

    Factor in not just that this CD is your calling card, but also that you're gonna be looking at this sucker for the rest of your life.

    Is getting a "real" commercial graphic artist/designer that expensive in the big picture?
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. I'm having a look over at deviantart.com and i got to say i think i may find something over here. It looks like there is some really cool stuff. Thanks very much guys. Hope your saturday night is better in perth than mine is here. Stayed home to watch the NRL and my team lost- useless hacks.
  6. Yeah just make sure you ask the artists their permission, they appreciate it.

    I feel ya on the sport front. I barrack for the Roos in the AFL mate.

    But what's this NRL thing you speak of? :D :D :D

  7. +1

    But those aren't the only options available.

    System of a Down came out with an album (Steal this Album!) that was made to look like a bootleg copy-both artwork & disc itself.

    But you should spend some time to get something that all of you like, and represents the band/album well.
  8. Justin V

    Justin V

    Dec 27, 2000
    Alameda, CA
    Good suggestions so far.

    A method I've found that I like is to find an art student (if there's a college/university nearby), and have them do some work. You can usually get them to do stuff for free/cheap as they're often looking to build portfolios. Then you can have quite a bit more control over what the final product will look like.
  9. Lol..

    We have the fumble ball pummeled down our throats despite the states indifference towards the game. How did the roo's go? Are they still around.. i thought they went broke??? :p
  10. Porksicle


    May 16, 2008
    Taylor, MI
    I'd go with something with simple, but bold colors, and no more than 2-3 with black or white.

    Makes it more cost-effective to print, and makes it stand out.

    You don't have to do a lot graphically. Try something simple instead, so it doesn't get lost in the bin of billions of "portrait" CD covers.

    So think Picasso, not DiVinci.
  11. They're hanging on for dear life mate. Last game of the season we were in 4th place. Lost Round 22 (last game of season) to Port Adelaide and dropped to 6th on the ladder so no second chances in the finals. Dropped the final qualifier to Sydney and bowed out of the finals altogether, only to watch Sydney lose their next game and bow out as well! Pretty sure it was a similar situation last season as well. . .

    Next year or so will be tough too, we are losing a few senior players to retirement. They'll get up again, but it will be a while I fear.

    Anyway, back on topic, is Deviant Art panning out for you yet? Great site, even just for browsing, hey.
  12. +1.
    Remember Metallica's Black Album was just a black cover with a little silver snake in the corner, and that sold relatively well :D
  13. I'm a graphic artist and I can say for certain that there is someone out there willing to do the artwork, or donate but there are things you need to keep in mind:

    The printer has requirements that may not be met by artwork found on Deviantart.com. What I mean is, if you find something you like, and the artists lets you use it, you still can't just copy and paste it from the internet. Make sure the artist gives you a file that's 300dpi at the size you want to print it. You can explain that good printing will reflect as much on them as an artist as it will on you as an artist.

    You should really give the artist credit on the EP. Not necessarily on the front cover, but even fine print will do, or what's nicer is a thank you and a link to their website.
  14. Absolutely we'd be giving the artist credit- and a link to the website is also a great idea i hadn't thought of. Thats a minimum requirement, and if i find something the band can agree on i'll see if i can arrange a subscription to deviant for them or something like that. We can't afford much and anything i give will be out of my own pocket- so i guess its just a gesture more than anything.

    I had no idea about the 300 dpi, so thankyou for that.

    I have just started a thread in the projects forum on deviant so hopefully a couple of people might want to give it a go. If any one gives it a go i'll make sure to link a copy or two here.

    It was a heart breaking weekend for me on the sport front. I follow the canberra raiders who got too sixth place. They lost there game but would've had another chance but for the best side in the league losing to the 8th ranked team in the final two minutes.

    I was in so much pain i went onto the bass for sale forum and bought myself a comforter.
  15. Thought i'd just add that is was a nice fender american deluxe 5 string in olympic white. Plus i wanted to check out my new signature.. wooo.
  16. Doh! I forgot to mention that. Glad someone else picked it up.

    And yeah I almost snapped up a black 5 string fretless (lined and dotted unlike my current one) on the cheap, then I remembered I sold a 5 I couldn't get grips of, and my fretless bass playing isn't the greatest.

    It might help if it came out of it's case once in a while. :D


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