For Sale Ephi. Jack Casady Gold Top/ Babciz

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    1998 Epiphone Jack Casady Signature Bass
    Retrofitted with Babciz Full Contact Bridge, Gold machine heads and an upgraded ¼” input
    With the hardshell case in OK condition

    I owned an original ‘70’s Gibson Les Paul “Gold Top” bass and sold it to buy this one - it was and still is, better constructed, better electrics, a tonally richer bass and way cheaper to insure!!

    The Babciz bridge provides precise tuning and intonation and perhaps adds a little more
    “woody-ness” to the tone. Pickguard lost many years ago – not needed!

    Happy to review the bass on Skype or chat

    Jack Casady approached Gibson (parent company of Epiphone) with the basic design, inspired by Casady's experience with the 1970s-era Gibson Les Paul Signature bass.[1]
    It is an all mahogany, semi-hollow bass guitar with a single low-impedance humbucking pickup. The pickup was designed to correct what Casady perceived as a weakness of the original Les Paul Signature bass, which was a lack of tonal definition in ensemble playing situations.[2] The pickup is connected to a transformer with a three-position switch to select output impedance of 50, 250 or 500 ohms. The lower impedance values give clearer, more balanced tone while the higher impedances produce higher output with a more bass-heavy tonal profile.

    Price has now been reduced to Tb25,000 / US$780... firm

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  2. pudgychef

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    Jan 22, 2005
    Chongqing, China
    Nice bass

    Was the Babicz bridge a direct drop in? Does it need washers (like the Hipshot) to accommodate the Archtop?
  3. Hi Pudgychef
    Yes, it was a perfect drop without washers, the Babciz concept is for the bridge to sit on the body for greater resonance/contact BUT there is a gap as the female taps which go into the body (for the bridge to screw in) which sits the bridge up a few MM's..
    Found that the Babciz really made the body resonate more to the point where the 1/4' jack was loose after a few hours of playing so I upgraded it - no problems since!!
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