Epi EB3 unexpected component before mudbucker tone control

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  1. rocknrollmouse


    Jan 2, 2012
    I have an Epiphone EB3 (Chinese made 2015), as far as I'm aware, all stock; looking at the wiring and trying to understand what I'm seeing...

    The circuit appears to be a typical Les Paul/SG 2 vol 2 tone switch type (although the switch is rotary rather than toggle); however there appears to be an extra resistor(?) before the mudbucker tone control (see pics).

    Epi EB3 Control Cavity.jpg Epi EB3 Mudbucker Tone control.jpg

    Does anyone have a circuit diagram for these, that shows what this is (and indeed, if my assumption about the control layout is correct)?

    What is the purpose of this extra resistor (if resistor it is) - the only reason I can think of is, at one end of travel it would stop the tone pot ever appearing as 'zero' thereby keeping some treble signal in the circuit? But surely a more typical position for a tone control is 10 (rather than 0), so what does it do when the tone control is at 10 (unless it is something to do with the extra output of the mudbucker vs the bridge pup??)???

    Having read around on EB3's I've read that often the output of the two pickups is unequal (not slightly as is usually the case, but MASSIVELY). This bass is far more balanced ie 80%/100% neck/bridge is nicely balanced between the two. I can't see that an extra resistor before a tone control would have anything to do with this, but am I wrong?