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Epi JC pup problem +

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by rodl2005, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi all, I recently got a Epiphone Jack Casady bass.... & the output of the A string is WAY down on the other strings. :help:

    I received this bass- supposedly in 'mint' condition & it was unplayable. neck had NO relief & couldn't be adjusted....parts missing etc....
    To cut a long story... I've got her back in good playing condition now, but have a few issues.

    1. PUP seems stuffed. VERY LOW output on A string. Tried different string sets- same.
    So I wanna grab a new pup- where do I get one of these from?? & any hints on installing it once I Do??

    2. Slight HUM audible when I put impedance select on 250 & 50. Not noticeable on the 500 setting.

    3. Neck Dive.........:smug: Lighter tuners??? Or move front strap pin??

    ANY suggestions appreciated

    Thanks & regards,

  2. Possibly the HUM issue could be causing/tied in with - the weaker A string output??

  3. ANYONE??? Someone MUST have SOME clues??? PLEASE
  4. BUMPity bump.
  5. Could be a dead string rather than the pickup. Or could be string height. Try posting in the "Hardware, set up and repair" section and maybe you'll get a better answer?
  6. Good thinkin Mr.Mold. I thankyou! I did try different strings, so Hope for some responses over thar....
  7. Hi.

    I have never disassembled a JC pickup, and I don't know whether it's potted or not, but it's quite common on lower quality pickups that the magnet(s) detaches. That usually involves bar magnets though, and usually more than one string is affected.

    Testing the pickup is pretty straight forward though, just tap it with a screwdriver on the spots where the strings pass over it. If the pops are equal in loudness, the PU is fine.

    There's some hum present in any passive bass, more on some than on others.

    As for where to get the PU if You need one, I'd say eBay.

  8. OK thanx. YEp I'm not real savvy when it comes to Elec probs. I have rewired/replaced pups in a Passive P & a Jazz before- thats about it.
    I Hadn't thunk to have tapped the pup over the area affected- thanx. Often the most obvious things.....
    Also - I know re SOME hum, but I've tried a few Epi JC's 'in-store' & none had any hum- well not like this. It IS useable-meaning the hum isn't bad, even on the 500 setting & is "OK" for live work.
    But The quieter "A" string IS a problem. I NEED to get this fixed as I really like the sound & feel of this bass.

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