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epi t-bird comes out of her cage !!! finally

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by gaffster, Jan 24, 2006.

  1. gaffster


    Jan 20, 2006
    Hey All,
    My first post!..been lurkin this great site awhile and wanted to share this..i have been playing fenders exclusively for years.
    I always liked the t-bird's look and style so i decided to pick up the 400 sunburst epi thunderbird IV @ 400 bills. I was impressed with the fit and finish, but not the neck-dive.
    I moved the straplock to correct the neckdive and started playing thru my Roland dB50. I couldn't seem to distinguish the notes well, a general lack of clarity. I was impressed with it's bottom end and it's awsome neck and playability. She was shaking the window panes, the dishes in the kitchen, and my unpowered cabinent and stereo speakers.
    Sounded a bit like a sub-woofer.

    It was faster than my 72 Precision and 95 MIJ Jazz. Took it out for a Jam session (all types of rock) and was dissappointed. Couldn't cut thru the guitars. She went into the closet.. for about 10 months.

    Cleaning the closet one day, so i pull the epi out and start messin with it. I killed the mids, cranked the treble, bass in the middle. A bit of compression, and a touch of chorus. back-off the bridge pup..."Holy Low Frequencies" with a piano ting on top. The bridge pup can give a little more mid, but also a loss of clarity.

    Now, I can't put it down. Sorry I didn't stick with it at first.
    It's fun to switch over to it and have some people feel that bird in their guts. The 800 Watt PA bins don't hurt either.. :rollno:

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