SOLD Epi T-bird Pro-V, AND TWO Fanned Fret Wishbasses

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  1. DevinWard369


    Apr 30, 2012
    Not currently gigging so I need to sell some basses :( I own ten five string. And Jaco only needed a 4.. Time to thin the heard to 3 fivers. These sadly are not keepers in my lineup so they gotta go!

    First the two Fanned fret Wishbass'
    Both are pretty much the same 34-32" scale, not quite the Dingwall fan scale, but enough to help the neck feel a little faster and tighter..
    Both are Lobe models with a little variation between them. Maple Neck throughs, Five string, upgraded single string bridges to help intonate better than the stock corian plastic bridges they come with(can include the corian) Both have a Kent Armstrong soapbar. And both have been fully copper shielded. Main difference is body woods/shapes.

    ••The Mahogany one has Blue fretfx on the neck and gold hardware. I'm ASKING 600$

    ••The Wenge one with black hardware, has a lot more frets to explore! On that fanned neck. I'm ASKING 550$

    ••And then an Epiphone Thunderbird Pro-V. I've wanted this bass for so long, not sure I want to sell it cause of how long it's taken to acquire but here it is for sale! Active, neck through, Made in 2009. In the pictures the black pickguard is off, it'll be re-installed before the sale. I'm ASKING 600$
    All of them will include Schaller strap locks.
    I'm open to trades and price's are O.B.O!
    Packaged with love and shipped through usps unless you prefer ups.
    Lower 48 only please, unless you want to pay for shipping then that's fine with me!
    Prices INCLUDE shipping!
    PayPal only.
    Pm with offers and questions please and thank you!
    May the Force be with you.
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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