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Epi Thunderbird On board pre-amp, or??

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by TheWarlock, Jan 6, 2014.

  1. Hello everyone!!

    I need some help to setup my new bass cause i'm a little bit confused..
    So far, i was playing with a borrowed 4string Vester bass with active EMG's..
    I play doom/death metal in downtuned mood so my tuning is B-E-A-D and i mostly use an EHX bass big muff..the sound was cavernous enough in "fuzz" mode with ideal mid toned but when i turned to clean, the lows was a disaster....(i was using an Aphex rack on recordings but i couldnt on live shows)....

    I had to give it back, SO it was about time to buy a heavy bass which i could hit it as hard as i wanted on shows!!! :bassist:
    I wanted humbuckers with passive electronics that fits to the way i dig the strings..
    I found a used Epi T-bird gothic, i read a lot of good feedback out there so i bought it....

    Unfortunatelly, the sound is SO MUDDY that i can't even use my fuzz pedal.....SO, i''m looking for an option to bring hell to my new bass...:D

    What do i want is serious DEEP lows on clean mode and powerfull low-middles (not so clanky) to work with fuzz so i can get the ultimate sound for my needs...

    Will i get that combo with a good active-on demand-preamp or i had to change also the pickups?? Does that tone products (f.e. stellartone)?? Unfortunately, i can afford serious stuff for upgrades, so i'm looking mostly for DIY sollutions or cheap ones as we are going to start touring very soon...

    ps. Anyone wants to hear some stuff to understand what i'm talking about,please pm me!

  2. pfox14


    Dec 22, 2013
    I find my Epi T-Bird to be a bit muddy, but compensate using my amp settings. I roll off the bass and boost the mids and treble. Makes is sound a lot clearer.
  3. Yes, i know that that is actualy the sound of a t-bird and thats why i was interested in buying one of those..

    i don't know much, but i know how to turn the amp pots..:D

    I guess that my major problem is the low tuning i'm using..

    thanx anyway!!!