Epifani 410 UL2 and 410 UL1 paring? Will these work together? Anyone tried it?

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  1. I have a line on a Epifani 410UL 1 to go with my UL2. I know the cab is the same but the speakers are different. B&C vs Eminence. I know a few TB'er have owned both at the same time. Did any of you try them together? Would this be a viable option for me if I picked up the UL1?
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    Jan 30, 2012
    Hi MuthaFunk,

    Chances are that if the cabinets are both the same (box volume, number of components, duct dimensions, wiring...), the builder would have chosen drivers w/very similar t/s parameters/specs for a consistent end result. Musical instrument companies do this all the time when their speaker vendors; for one reason or another, can't/won't continue to deliver the product on the originally agreed upon terms of their partnership, or when a speaker line is discontinued. I have two Electro-Voice B-410 cabs. One I bought in '94, the other in '99 (they look identical). I didn't realize it at the time, but EV had discontinued the B-410 just a few yrs before I got the second cabinet and for whatever reason, the product code/ver stamped on the drivers were different; even the finish on the cast speaker frame is different... one is painted black, the other has no finish, just natural cast aluminum, but the spec sheet on the latter still matched the former... "and they do sound the same", Rgds!
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    Yes...you will be fine
  4. Indeed! I just tried them out tonight. They do sound slightly different. This particular series 1 cab only weight 54 lbs!!!! That's wild for a 410.

    Anyway, despite the slight difference in sound they pair up well as expected. Thanks fellas!
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    Great. I'm not surprised UL1 and UL2 410 cabs work well together.

    I often used a Epifani UL1 4 ohm 410 with an Epifani NYC t-210 with B&C drivers and then later paired that UL1 410 with a UL1 8 ohm 210 having the identical drivers—once I found the lighter UL1 210. Both 210 cabs sounded great with the UL1 410.

    The all UL1 modular 410+210 is still my favorite heavy-duty conventional rig, ever. However, the 15/6/1 can be heard more clearly and cleanly across a typical stage or performance space, so I guess the Epifani cabs are my "spare." :D