Epifani 6x10 or SWR?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by seansbrew, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. seansbrew

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    Oct 23, 2000
    Mesa AZ.
    I am considering going back to the 6x10 cab and am considering a different make. Which would you choose and why? Also, any other outstanding 6x10 cabs out there that you would recomend?
  2. inazone


    Apr 20, 2003
    havent played the epi 610 but the swr 610 is a great cab! with that said, I traded my swr in for a bergantino 610. a/b comparison I realy didnt notice alot of difference (there was some) but the berg came alive in a live setting. so much more sound, tighter and fuller. the berg is cheaper new too. there is a good deal on a used berg in the classifieds.
  3. Fuzzbass

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    What inazone said. You could send PM to Devilman here @TB to see if his mint condition Bergantino 610 is still available.

    I'm currently using the Berg 610, and once owned the SWR 610. Both are excellent cabs. The SWR has the SWR sound which I happen to like a lot. I switched to the Berg 610 simply because I was looking for an SVT-like sound: the Berg 610 is sealed (not ported) and has no tweeter, just like the old SVT cabs.
  4. tombowlus

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    Apr 3, 2003
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    If I were going to be carrying a 6x10 around without roadies, you'd have a hard time talking me out of an Epifani Ultra Light T-610UL! :D

    But I would love to A/B the Bergie and the Epi 6x10's. I have heard the SWR, and in truth, I went to a store with the express intent on buying one. However, four hours later, after checking out every bass cab in East Cleveland, I walked away with a Mesa Boogie Diesel 4x10, which I still dearly love, but man, do I wish it weighed less...

    I think that the Epifani and SWR cabs are going to sound quite different, so let your ears decide. But seriously, the ultra light option by Epifani would really be nice. I mean, 78 lbs for a 6x10!!!! :bassist: