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SOLD Epifani DIST 210 - black - 2018

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by jacobsmithbass_, Aug 21, 2019.

  1. jacobsmithbass_

    jacobsmithbass_ Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2008
    Ft. Worth
    A7761049-66BC-44AB-9D72-35345DB5DBAC.jpeg Selling my awesome Epifani DIST 2x10 cab

    Never been over driven or played too loud. This thing sounds incredible with both upright and electric.

    I didn’t see them for sale many places, so I believe they’re currently out of stock

    In really great shape. I took the pictures with the blinds open so all marks would be shown. Last pic is with indoor lighting to show that most marks are not visible unless you get right up on it.
    I didn’t even realize it was slightly marked up until I went to take these pictures

    The switchable impedance is excellent. One of my favorite things about any speaker I’ve ever owned.

    $650 shipped CONUS

    I have original manufacturers packing/box to ship it in

    I will meet in the DFW TX area. If you want to go that route, hit me up and I’ll be glad not to ship it.

    Mainly looking for a Cali big box compressor

    Thanks for looking!

    A7761049-66BC-44AB-9D72-35345DB5DBAC.jpeg 3DEF32DE-90C1-4205-ACE9-A5A7D9BE33F4.jpeg BF80FCDA-2637-49E5-9DD8-D1966A46891D.jpeg BDC85FF0-5004-491F-8C74-EC558E9EADFC.jpeg 342D525F-45C2-4A8A-BDBD-C271AC71CD7C.jpeg 89D6B6AA-1C05-43AB-9681-0B759D62DF78.jpeg A9165555-92D6-4AB7-950E-BADF9ACC3C5E.jpeg 6087C986-67A0-4152-9391-4CEE571DB583.jpeg

    From the EPIFANI website:

    Bass Speaker Cabinets

    D.I.S.T. bass speaker cabinets are the ultimate in powerful, transparent sound. D.I.S.T. stands for Dual Impedance Speaker Technology. A patented dual voice coil design gives you the option to switch from from 8 Ohms to 4 Ohms to get most out of your single or multi-cabinet setup.

    D.I.S.T. cabs deliver professional power, sound, and versatility for every gig. Your notes come forth smooth as silk, yet powerful as a 12-cylinder Ferrari. This is a sound that will satisfy the most discriminating bass player in any style. Soaring highs, thumping lows, and clear, even mids. Sound like this only comes from the hands of a master.

    This is your legendary sound.

    Buy Now
    The world's first dual-impedance speaker cabinet.

    D.I.S.T. bass speaker cabinets feature a revolutionary technology based on a proprietary neodymium speaker design. A complex crossover network allows you to select the ideal impedance—8 ohms or 4 ohms—to optimize the power handling of a single cabinet or multiple cabinet system.

    Each cab includes expertly designed cast aluminum frame loudspeakers, intricately machined internal construction, and every engineering advance we’ve made in over 20 years of bass cabinet research and design.

    The sound that’s heard in the best studios and on the most famous stages in the world is now at your fingertips.

    Dual Voice Coil Neodymium Epifani Speakers
    Epifani D.I.S.T. cabinets include unique 10- and 12-inch dual voice coil speakers designed to switch between 4 Ohm and 8 Ohm. The enhanced, light-weight design delivers full-spectrum sound in any room. And, a unique suspension system prevents creasing and tearing. The result is a speaker that produces world-class sound, stands up to the rigors of the road, and never lets you down.

    Absolute Attention to Detail
    Every joint, every baffle, and every component is perfectly placed to create a better sounding speaker cabinet. The acoustic insulation is specially chosen to provide superior damping without adding weight. And the placement of speakers, ports, and tweeters is measured by the millimeter to ensure perfect performance.

    Airtight Everywhere That Counts
    Superior construction means ensuring that components like the crossover, back panel controls, and every single joint is absolutely airtight. When air escapes from regular cabinets it makes noise and alters the tuning of the cabinet which degrades your sound. Epifani cabs are built to exacting tolerances to keep your sound moving in the right direction.

    Tuned By Master Craftsmen
    For decades Nick Epifani has painstakingly tuned each cabinet to perfection. From the setting of every speaker to the placement of each connector, nothing is left to chance. When done right, the ports, baffles, and braces become like additional speakers, working in concert to create a full, rich tone you won't find anywhere else.

    A Smarter Crossover
    The crossover acts like an onboard computer, deciding which frequencies are sent to the woofers and tweeters. Naturally, they’re perfectly tuned by Nick Epifani himself. Built with high quality polypropylene capacitors specially designed to precisely render sparkling, clear frequencies.

    Superior Construction, Inside And Out
    The front baffle is braced to prevent any loss of projection when the speakers push back. Additional bracing and acoustic insulation stop unwanted frequencies and standing waves that degrade and distort your tone. The result is a cleaner, more focused sound and faster projection than any other cabinet available.

    D.I.S.T. 210
    2 x 10-inch 250 Watt Epifani Neodymium Dual Voice Coil drivers
    1 x 1-inch compression tweeter with adjustable control

    8 Ohms or 4 Ohms; User selectable

    Power Rating
    500 Watts RMS

    Response: 40Hz - 16kHz
    Sensitivity: 103dB (1W@1m)

    2x Speakon + 1/4-inch output connectors

    Lite Ply Poplar with dado joint construction
    Steel recessed handles
    18-gauge steel grill
    High-impact corners

    18.5 inches x 23 inches x 17.75 inches

    38 pounds
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2020
  2. rlsuarezv


    May 2, 2013
    Would you consider a trade for my Darkglass cabinet?
  3. jacobsmithbass_

    jacobsmithbass_ Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2008
    Ft. Worth
    Set for cabs right now, thank you though!
  4. jacobsmithbass_

    jacobsmithbass_ Supporting Member

    Jan 10, 2008
    Ft. Worth
    I would be interested in high end preamps, and any big box cali comp. cash where necessary on either side
  5. Dimension

    Dimension Supporting Member

    Jul 6, 2015
    District of Columbia
    Still available?
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