SOLD Epifani DIST 2x12

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    Oct 1, 2015
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    KIller rare cab in great shape.

    Bought it for my loud doubling work, but not digging the upright sound out of it with my bass, and sounds best with electric and is full spectrum, warm, and clear. It is light weight I have 43 lbs on my scale and carries easily. Can get very loud with has adjustable tweeter. The coolest feature is that it can switch between 4 and 8 ohms depending on what amp and cabinet combinations you are using.

    In terms of trades, feel free to hit me up. Still in the hunt for a loud doubling cab and think perhaps a MAS or Baer may do the trick, but open to other ideas such as a 5 sting bass, Allen Woody bass, Short scale Lakland hollow body or Skyline 4, or a good doubling amp.

    Here is the link to the old thread I bought it from and a Planet Bass page about the cab with specs. The weight is wrong on the planet bass page as it is much later and that is the weight for their 4x10 Diet cab.

    SOLD - Epifani D.I.S.T 212

    Epifani DIST 212 Bass Cabinet , Bass Guitars, Amps, Cabs

    Add $50 for shipping. Willing to drive some from Denver to meet.

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  3. Jones64

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    Oct 1, 2015
    Boulder CO
    All Pm's replied to. Great cab in great shape still for sale or trade. Looking for smaller 8 ohm cab or other stuff good for doubling. But open to trade offers as I like to try new things.