Epifani T-210UL 2004 driver replacement?

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  1. Bassboy 43

    Bassboy 43

    Oct 19, 2018
    So both the 10" B&C drivers have bad tears (4-8") and I need to replace them.
    Epifani customer service said "We cannot help you repair the speaker itself, but we can suggest a replacement speaker. That model has not been in production for many years but Eminence made the original custom speaker. So ordering one of their DELTALITE speakers will get you as close as possible to the original sound."

    I looked and responded asking if the DELTALITE II 2510 is what he was suggesting and he said yes, thats a good option.

    However, when I opened up the cab I found B&C HCL drivers in there, not eminence, so the cab is older than he thought?

    Also, the Deltalite II 2510 is rated 60HZ-4KHZ. Epifani is suggesting a driver that only hits 60HZ for a low frequency? Seems wrong. Need some help here. IMG_0702.jpg IMG_0705.jpg
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    Nov 6, 2003
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    That first photo shows the black wire held in place by a single strand of copper, basically failed. Make sure to repair this when you get your speakers sorted.

    I read the label as "HPL", not "HCL": typo? B&C don't have an "HCL" product.

    The Ultra Light (UL) series used neodymium speakers for weight reduction.

    The B&C 10HPL64 is an 8 ohms neodymium speaker that is readily available from Parts Express, etc. There are also recone kits available if you just want to repair what you have.
    B&C 10HPL64 10" Neodymium Woofer (parts-express.com)
    10HPL64 LF Drivers - B&C Speakers (bcspeakers.com)
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  3. Bassboy 43

    Bassboy 43

    Oct 19, 2018
    yes HPL thanks. And why the black (usually negative ground) is attached to the red positive is another story.
    I don't know the Eminence Deltalite II has slightly better specs? I know Nick used the B&C originally then swithed to the Deltalite 2510 because B&C couldn't keep up with demand. So not sure which way to go...
    I'm hoping to hear from Nick himself soon as he's a friend of the guy I got the cab from...
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    Because that 60Hz number is meaningless without the context of the cabinet internal volume and porting information.

    When black and white are used together, some manufacturers choose black as positive and white as negative (conforms to the national electrical standard) and some use the other way with black conforming to more of the electronics standard.

    This comes from the need to wire using 2 pairs and the most common wire pairing domestically is black-red-white-green. When confronted with this, most use red-black for the low frequency pair and white-green for the high frequency pair. This also agrees with 4 wire portable cordage color codes.
  5. Bassboy 43

    Bassboy 43

    Oct 19, 2018
    Thanks agedhorse for the insight. I see your a Genz Benz guy I actually power this cab with a shuttle 6.0 :)

    Anyway I just got a call and to my suprise it was Nick Epifani himself. What a nice guy we talked for like 20 minutes. He said the DL 2510 is a good choice but the B&C might be a little brighter/louder whuch is strange to me because the RMS is 250W for the DL and only 200W, but I guess the sensitivity of the DL is 97.3db compared to 98.5db for the B&C. Honestly, I guess I'n learning a lot here haha. Well I already installed a DLII in the cab and play with no treble and no slapping so I like a darker tone anyway so I'm goin to order another one.
    Should have just ordered 2 to begin with because it went from $134 to $160 in a matter of days.
    Didn't know bot drivers were torn up until I got in there though, c'est la vie!
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