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Epifani UL210 is it LOUD?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mikefish07, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. Mikefish07


    Apr 6, 2003
    I've got a bad back and I've been looking for the ultimate light combo or speaker. Based upon the posts it seems that the Epifani UL210 at 38lbs is close to perfect. Before I shell out almost a grand on this speaker can anyone tell if it's louder than a BagEnd S15D which I use now. I use a Eden Wt550 head and was looking at the 4ohm UL210 cab. I like the BagEnd but was looking for something lighter and louder. Your suggestion are greatly appreciated!
  2. B String

    B String Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2002
    Los Angeles
    I used to own an Eden 210xlt and an SWR golliath jr
    The Epi 210UL has nicer highs, more lows, and more
    volume than either of those boxes, and I thought both
    of those were nice boxes. I've used the Epi a few times
    with a wt400 plus. It seems to be a very good match
    with the Epifani sound. I think they compliment each other.
    As 210 boxes go, its one of the louder ones I've used.
  3. I've owned both the cabs you are talking about. They put out IMO about the same volume, but the EpiUL has MUCH more low end and less mid growl and punch. It's a great cab and I GREATLY prefer the sound over the SD15-x. Just having a tweeter attenuator is worth the switch IMO.

    It is really light, but it's a large 210... very deep.... no way your getting it in a standard trunk.

    I always recommend the 310UL over the 210UL.... just a little larger, just a little more expensive, about 9 pounds heavier and puts out the same sound with MUCH more volume. It also sits high enough that you can easily roll it on castors, eliminating the extra piece of a cart. Nick's removable castors are really nice, and it's cool to take the back two off and tilt the 310UL slightly in situations where you are stuck standing very close to the cab.
  4. Mikefish07


    Apr 6, 2003
    Thanks for the feedback! I actually had a SWR Goliath Jr. 4 & 8 ohm cabinets that I liked and kept until my dog peed all over it. I currently have the S15D and a CX112L, but the S15D blows away the EA for loudness. I play with guys that believe the louder you play the better you sound, so they play LOUD. What do you think about the GK neos or the EA 500c Combo?
  5. MacGroove

    MacGroove Brother of the Groove with a 'Pocket Full of Funk'

    Oct 5, 2005
    +10 Ken,
    I agree, the 210UL is a great cab for a single cab, but the 310UL for a little more money, size and a few extra lbs. would easily keep up with your guitars, a fantastic single cab.

  6. I'm not familier with the GK Neo's, but the EA500c combo is not going to do it for you if you want loud. I'd really think about the 310UL.

    Also... Jorg Schroeder introduced his Schroeder Lights last week. I have a 21012 coming either today or tomorrow. If you like the mid punch of your Bag End, the Schroeder1210light might also be great for you.... 35 pounds, not much bigger than the Bag15, and MUCH louder.
  7. Mikefish07


    Apr 6, 2003
    I kinda figured that the EA 500c wouldn't cut because my CX112L can't keep up, but I would have enjoyed carrying a combo that's only 44lbs. Does the Epifani UL210 start flapping/farting when pushed too hard or does it just distort. The schroders looks good but I'm out here in Hawaii with no dealers. We do have a Epifani dealer and he said he'll match MF's price (i.e., $899) but I pickup the S/H too. I just need something loud, light and sounds good. I guess that's alot to ask.

  8. The 210UL just starts to compress when you push it... it just kind of runs out of steam. Man, I'd really think about the 310UL... it's just enough more ooomph than the 210 to justify the extra 9 pounds. It's only 47 pounds (that weight is accurate), and is large enough to really push some air. I would think its just a little over $100 more than the 210, plus a little bit for the castors if you go that route. And again, the more vertical orientation of that cab makes it nice to hear on stage, and again allows castors. You can put a lightweight head on top and just wheel it in. It's very light... no problem lifting it over your head by yourself to put it on a tall stage (and I'm 5'9" and only about 158 pounds).

    It would be a GREAT low weight loud cab and a lightweight rig combined with a Thunderfunk, Epi502, etc.

    I actually sold mine to TBer Vision (the ONLY reason I sold it was that I have a 410UL... which is... just a little larger and louder and punchier yet:D ) You might want to PM him if he doesn't show up on your thread and get his impressions.

    Good luck!


    PS You haven't filled out your profile, so I don't know what style of music you are into... the EpiUL's are very crisp,clean and somewhat modern sounding.... GREAT cabs for roundwound strings and boutique sounding basses or the J Bass thing. They are not 'old school' sounding at all... but rather very articulate and full range... low lows, high, airy, crisp treble.
  9. MacGroove

    MacGroove Brother of the Groove with a 'Pocket Full of Funk'

    Oct 5, 2005
    Again, I agree with Ken on the 210, I couldn't use one by itself either, we get loud, the 310 could do it, but like Ken, I went with 410UL because I knew it would do any situation I had to play in.
  10. Joelc73

    Joelc73 Supporting Member

    Nov 13, 2000
    New York
    Plus 1 on this. I've used/owned/sold a bunch of 210UL's and I think it's a fantastic cabinet. The problem for me was that one 210UL was just a little too quiet for most of the gig I do. Adding a second 210UL killed but became less portable (eg two trips from the car instead of one).

    I just picked up a 310UL as my gigging cabinet and I am in heaven. It has the Epi tone that I love but it's unbelievably portable. It's super light weight and loud enough for just about any gig.

    It's well worth the few extra dollars and pounds.

    I hope that is helpful.


  11. Hey Joel!

    This is off topic, but just quickly, Joel just informed me that my Glock Heart Rock was slightly delayed because they have upgraded the power section of the amp. It is now safe to run at 2.67 ohms (three 8 ohm cabs) and puts out 1000 watts into that load. While I never would need that option, I assume the upgrade will result in the typical 4ohm running situation to be even cleaner, cooler and more stable. Cool!!!

    Thanks Joel!

  12. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL

    +1 what he said...
  13. jokerjkny


    Jan 19, 2002
    NY / NJ / PHL

    +1 what he said, too...

    and glad to see you got a UL310, too, joel! my MTD sounds fantastico thru my epi setup. now only if i can get a UL902, then it'll be the "uber" epi setup. :p
  14. What Amp is everyone using with the UL310.

    I have an old GK800RB from the mid 80's - would that Amp and this UL 310 Cab be a good match. Coming back to playing after a long absence (lwhen my 800RB was new).

    This thread caught my eye as I am looking for the most bang in th smallest package and the UL310 sounds like what I was hoping for.
  15. Anyone?
  16. neptune


    Feb 2, 2001
    I don't have any experience with the 310, but would like to hear one based on the comments. I use a UL2210 for rehearsals with an Sadowsky outboard pre/Eden Nav/QSC PLX2402. It shakes the rafters if you let it. Bottom end for miles.
  17. Evan_S._Brown


    Jan 10, 2008
    i've got a UL 210 and it is the only cab i use and even though it is only 210 it can be very loud. My rig consists of an eden wt800 with a ul210 and i've done every gig with it, its even worked well at a outdoor stadium to four thousand people and the band was loud. however that was its limit.
    This is a great cab, I lift it in one hand, my head in the other and my bass on my back, one trip is really convenient.
    it will be able to do what you want
  18. Has anyone maybe been able to compare the Epi UL210 to the Bergantino AE210 and would there be a big difference in volume and tone ?

    Any info would be really appreciated.
  19. I gotta agree with Ken. I was looking to do the exact same thing you are, and come up with a lighter rig. I had an old Ampeg Porta 2x12, but it blew out on me. I checked out the UL2x10, but the ended up going with a 3x10 as it gave me a LOT more punch and lows, and it's not heavy at all. I've been on 4 gigs with it and can carry it with one hand in a pinch, and it you want, epifani will put casters on it for a little extra $$$. after some advice from the fine folks here @ talkbass, I'm gonna pair it up with a Genz Benz Shuttle 6.0. the head is SUPER lightweight if you haven't seen it. they also offer it with a 10, 12 or 2x10 combo. they actually built a metal housing for the head right on top of the cab, so you can carry it as an all-in-one, and that's the lightest thing I've seen as far as everything in one package...
  20. gkbass13

    gkbass13 Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2006
    the old gallien krueger heads sound fantastic with epifani cabinets. i use an older 700rb and have played my cabs using an old 800rb.

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