Epifani UL3410 the new PS410?

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  1. Has anyone played the new UL3410's? From what I gather they use the PS ceramic drivers and are supposed to be the "new" PS cabs. Since actual PS410's are getting harder and harder to find I was wondering if anyone could comment on if they sound even close since, obviously, the cabs have different designs (PS has 4 circle ports while the UL3 has two rectangular ports and the cabs have different dimensions). Just wondering what cab to get to pair or replace mine with (should anything happen) since, like I said, PS410's pretty much don't exist anymore.
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    I have a PS112 and love the tone. I believe there's a PS410 for sale in the classifieds.

    I haven't heard anything about the new cabs that you are referring.
  3. They're not willing to ship unfortunately...