epiphone basses and bass soapbar p'ups???

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  1. the bassist in my band has a 70s epiphone bass with two pickups that look like soapbars. it has the little epiphone e on the pickguard. this bass is really impressive, and he got it for $100. does anyone on this forum know what the name of the basses epiphone put out in the 70s were? it has a precision bass-style body, if that helps. also, i'm not sure if it uses "soapbar" sized pickups or not. it looks like soapbar-sized guitar pickups, but when i typed in "bass soapbar" on ebay, i came up with something that looked like a jazz bass pickup. i'm confused now. any info about this bass will help, 'cause i'm gonna help him re-wire the electronics and replace the horrible and unreliable bridge pickup. also, does anyone have a suggestiong on a good soapbar (or whatever it is) bridge pickup for non-slap soloing? we're in a punk band, if that helps any help is always appreciated; i've had good luck on this forum in the past on answering my questions
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    This is more of a Pickup related question, so I am moving it to the Pickups forum.
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    You're probably talking about the Japanese-made basses, and they used humbuckers. They aren't as good as the American-made versions of the '60s, since the new owners of Epiphone at that time were trying to hit the bottom line heavily by cutting production costs. I can't give you the model name without a pic, but you can usually find one of these up on Ebay described as "vintage Epiphone bass". I think the model may be the EA-260.
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