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Epiphone EB3 Feedback Issue

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by ChrisQuinn91, Mar 21, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    I recently bought an Epiphone EB3 and have been having some issues with feedback.

    Has anyone else experienced this with these guitars?

    It's mainly when I turn around and face my amp or if I hit an overdrive pedal.

    My signal chain is EB3 -> Tuner -> Boss LS2 with Tubescreamer and a Rat in the loop -> EHX Bass Clone Chorus -> DR J Sparrow Bass Driver -> Kustom KBA200 Bass Amp

    I previously played with this setup and a Yamaha RBX and never had an issue.

    It's not controllable nice feedback, it's just high pitched screeching.

    I love the tone but may have to get rid if I can't find a solution.

    Could it maybe be something to do with gain/ volume control on the Bass Driver?

    The Epi does have a much hotter output than the Yamaha

  2. godofthunder59

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    Feb 19, 2006
    Rochester NY USA
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    I am guessing that your bridge pickup is microphonic and may need to be potted in wax or replaced. Before you do anything try backing off the tone control on the bridge pickup.
  3. Cheers for that. It's my neck pickup that seems to have the issue but i prefer the tone.
    The bridge is very bright but less hot. I have an option to blend them I believe.
    That may be the solution. Add some fatness to the bridge while losing some hotness (in theory)
  4. I have had two EB3s, and never had an issue like this. I play mine clean through a Radial Pro DI/Peavey Minimax/Avatar cab. I use the blended pickups, but more often than not the neck pickup for its dark, dub-like tone. For what it is worth, my cherry see-through finish is considerably lighter than the ebony model. With the right strap, angle, and height-to-waist adjustment, it really is no problem for me to play three sets a night. Of course, I'm only 68. I had the Gibson EB many years ago, and I find the tone of the Epiphone quite similar, and I mush prefer the long scale neck. I always felt this to be an underrated instrument. Our sound guys like it as well. I did have feedback issues with previously owned Epiphone Violas, but solved this by standing away from the cabinet. Sorry, no idea what the issue could be.
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  5. Yeah, it's a little bit of a monster to play but great fun with the neck pickup.

    I'll be trying the blend at tonights gig. I imagine this will fix my issue.

    The bridge pickup never feeds back

    Here in the UK our stage space is tiny so I can never get more than 4ft away from my amp.
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