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Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by henryjurstin13, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. I was in a shop the other day testing some basses. Played the thunderbird & enjoying it... then, by some miracle this really pointy creature caught my eye. I thought - pick it up, you might not ever see one again... and, you MIGHT like it. So, I tried it & instantly started enjoying that deep, thick, low rumble that I enjoy so much. (just as a side note, I really enjoy the tones of the late-great Allen Woody of Gov't Mule)

    My question -- what are the differences between the Thunderbird & Explorer, aside from the obvious. I found the tones to be quite different. I know the bodies/bridges/# of frets/pickup placement are different. Are the pickups different? The explorer sure seemed a lot hotter. Could have been string height.

    I am really fighting the looks of the Explorer (I prefer the TB's looks) but this tone was my tone. I instantly enjoyed it. I will probably go back for this bass - but, wanted to get more information on it first.

    thanks, jh
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    I am pretty sure they both have the same pickups but they are in different locations on the body. The Explorer has a warmer sound because of it.
  3. The explorer is cooler. IMO
  4. bassvirtuoso

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    The Explorer is set neck I bleeb which gives it less "snap" like a bolt on bass would (Epi Tbird). The bridges and pups should be the same. The body wood looks like Korina but that is only a veneer like the fake mahogany veneer on the Epi Tbird, but I don't know what the real body wood is( the tbird has an alder body under its veneer).
  5. I grabbed it... brought it home last night. Black Explorer bass & man does this thing sound BIG. It is a very full, boomy, almost 'muddy.' I like it very much. The looks -- well, that will take a lil getting used to.... but, man o' man the tone.

    The bridges are different & this one is very much like a BadAss with a very thick piece at the bottom of the bridge. Being the way the strings are so lower to the body - this could be as to why it seems hotter than the Tbird. I can't wait to hear it thru my SVT stack!
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