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Epiphone Les Paul Special Bass...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by deathbloomslife, Mar 23, 2006.

  1. ...My [step] brother is a guitarist, and the fact that he lives near Gainesville [FL] and I live about 2 hours south of him is really cheesing him off, seeing as he likes to play bass. The only time he gets to slam on the low-end is when he visits for the weekend, and that's about once a month. So I began searching for a budget-minded bass for him. We checked out Rondo, and he seemed just slightly interested in them, not really jumping at the basses the way some do though. So we kept searching, then I got this idea, "Hey let's try to find an LP bass to match your [Les Paul Epiphone Standard] guitar." So we looked, and found that Epiphone has brought this cool looking guitar back onto the market, this time in bass form. The price is very reasonable at $250 from Musicians Friend, and the bass sort of matches his guitar when his pg is off. He's really stoked from finding the bass, and is eager to get it in his hands.

    I was just wandering how many of you have experience with Epiphone basses. He loves his guitar, and hasn't had any major problems with it, considering he's nowhere near the first owner, I'm suprised. Has anyone had a sour LP bass from Epiphone?? Or any bass for the matter.


    P.S: Link
  2. Rocknrolljunkie


    Jan 29, 2006

    i dont own an epiphone les paul bass. but i do own a epiphone thunderbird IV bass. and i can say for the price i am really happy about the quality of epiphone. les paul basses look really rock'n'roll imho and that's only a good thing! i'm also sure les paul basses are veeeery neck-heavy (like the t-bird)
    actualy that's all i can say about it :):bag: i think you can trust epiphone quality.:cool: :bassist:
  3. holy crap! a thread about epi les paul basses!! you don't hear much about 'em (atleast I never do) but for the past 6 years, the epiphone les paul standard bass has been the ONLY bass that I've owned...now I know the bass you're talking about is the special series, but if it is anything like the standard series was, I can't see you being disappointed...my bass has always had a clear, deep, focused tone, not murky in the slightest, which is a common complaint of the epi/gibson basses (to those who don't like that sound of course! :D )....when it had roundwounds, it rang with a real "piano-like" quality...the weight was not as overbearing as I had been warned, and I found that the neck dive (not extreme, but present) was cured by a wide, gripping strap...and hell, it always caught people's eyes! 5 years later, I've toured and recorded with it, changed the strings to flatwounds, and stuffed foam near the bridge....it thumps with a real old school liquid sound that perfect for the kind of music I do....and though I admit, I've been feeling like an addition in the arsenal might be in the future...I feel lucky knowing that for all this time, I've never felt the need to look to another axe to play out the sounds in my head!


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