Epiphone Les Paul Special & Rogue 30-Watt Amp, $200, pref. in Chicago

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  1. I'm currently selling an Epiphone Les Paul Special, Heritage Cherry Sunburst, EXCELLENT condition...along with a Rogue 30-watt amplifier...very good condition...for $200.

    The price includes:

    The bass, which is almost flawless, save for a minute nick between the humbuckers (practically unnoticeable).

    The amplifier, whick has only one flaw, a part of the "R" in "Rogue" is broken off...the amp is still fully functional, though.

    A matching strap for the bass...

    And a guitar stand.

    Prefer to sell to a local buyer, shipping would be hell for all of this. If interested, please IM or E-mail me, cpdzone9@earthlink.net...plenty of pictures available.
  2. Here's one picture of each to start off with.

    The bass...
  3. The head...
  4. And the amplifier.
  5. Bump, before eBay.