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Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by HWK2, Oct 6, 2000.

  1. I have seen and played (messed around with) a Les Paul guitar.. I want to know what the bass is like (since I play bass like all you fine people :) ). I my opinion it looks DEAD sexy, and I love the finish.. GC sells them for $420... (Epiphones).. Anyone played one? What are they like?

  2. I play an Epiphone Les Paul bass. I don't think it's standard, I've never seen one exactly like it. It has the sunburst, but it is unbound, it has all black hardware,and EMG Selects. I believe the standard has chrome hardware and different pickups. I got mine used for $300; almost perfect condition (few minor scratches, dents).

    When I bought it, the strings were bigger than standard and the action was very high. I gave the truss a good crank and that put the action a little lower. I liked the way it played so I kept the strings and slightly lower action.

    I like the sound I get out of it, but I'm looking to replace the EMG Selects. It has a real dark sound- nothing like a Fender for instance, but not like one of John Turner's monsters either (just kidding). I play rockabilly, surf, ska, reggae, and a little punk with it. It's not t great for punk, but for most other things it's a good darker-sounding bass. I like to use it with a Boss Bass Overdrive stompbox or a Fuzz stompbox. I can get a mean, raunchy, death sound out of it like that when I want to.

    So overall I would definatly recommend it. Once again, I don't have a standard, but what I have has treated me right. I don't like Les Paul guitars at all (looks & sound)but my bass looks "damn sexy." I don't really like the bound version with the chrome hardware. It looks too much like an actual Les Paul. That about covers it I guess.

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