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  1. Cunndies

    Cunndies Guest

    Oct 16, 2001
    quick question
    which of the following tow basses would be considered "better" and a "Step up" from a Peavey Milestone III. (btw i like low action with as little buzz as possible)
    Cheers for any help
    P.S does anyone like a british ska/punk band called [spunge]?
  2. bassmaniac

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    I never tried an Epiphone T-Bird. I did try an OLP StingRay. It sounded pretty good for a $250 bass, much better than I had expected. But it doesn't sound like the real thing. The worst thing about it was the finish, it looked like it was applied with a paint brush. It could have been set-up better, the action was a bit high, but that can be easily remedied by someone who knows how to setup basses. Besides, the shop you buy one from should set it up for you when you buy it.
  3. How much are you looking/able to spend?I have heard less than glowing reports on both the epi tbird copy and the olp "budget" stingray.Having not personally tried either of these I can`t advise you.

    You may want to look into a used Ibanez edc/eda etc. or a used Fender P or J bass.You can find some really good deals if you poke around long enough.

    Happy Hunting!
  4. Captain Awesome

    Captain Awesome

    Apr 2, 2001
    Yeah, used would be a good idea, or save up a bit more and get a MIM Jazz new (or the P if you prefer, I'm just biased towards the Jazz)...
  5. Cunndies

    Cunndies Guest

    Oct 16, 2001
    im not looking to spend over £220. and i figured that these would be the best bet. is it possible to get a MIM jazz for that price?
    can you have low action with minimal fret buzz on thse basses?
    cheers for all the help
  6. basstastic

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    Sep 3, 2001
    Run far run fast
    You are not gonna get a MIM J Bass for less thatn £220 in the UK brand new. I would wait and save, or go second hand. However, a friend of mine has just started with an OLP stingray, and i am temped to buy one just because i need something to cover with stickers that sounds decent.
  7. notduane


    Nov 24, 2000
    My geography ain't what it used to be...is that St. Andrew Scotland?

    The Bass Centre (London, Manchester, and Birmingham), has a MIM P
    for ~£350 and a MIM J for ~£380.

    Another online UK shop - "Sounds Live" - has a MIM P for £315 and a
    MIM J for £339.
    Fret buzz ehhh? You could always get somethin' like a Yamaha RBX270F
    (£155 at Sounds Live). It's a lined fretless :D. I've got a `260F and it's
    a breeze to play. The "cheap" Yammers (IME) aren't bad right outta'
    the box. Later on, you can upgrade the pickups, bridge, etc.

    Of course, a good setup (neck relief, etc.) should ensure a buzz-free,
    low action.
  8. Cunndies

    Cunndies Guest

    Oct 16, 2001
    hmmm... i might consider the Yamaha. i would wait and save but it is kinda going to be a christmas present. so i cant really go above £220.
    i could also go for a Yamaha RBX370...any opinions on that one?
    Thanks a lot for all of the help
  9. OLP stingray is nice bass.. allthough the bridge & stock-strings could have been better.
  10. MIM Jazz Basses I saw in Sound Control in Glasgow were about £320, I doubt you'll get a new one for £220, Sound Control can be a wee bit dearer than other places, but you can usually get a new lead, a strap, maybe a set of strinngs thrown into the deal.

    Can't comment on the basses that you mentioned. Have you tried them?? What did you think?? As long as the feel/sound/look/cost suit you then go for it?? What is is about your current bass you don't like, or think could be better?? Then approach those basses and see which one feel/sounds better to you, or which one improves over your current one the most! Happy hunting!
  11. Cunndies

    Cunndies Guest

    Oct 16, 2001
    thanks for all of the help... i;ve not tried either of the basses that i suggested, but have researched them extensicley(review sites etc). i will try one when given the opportunity, but i haven't, that is why i asked everyone's opinions. m current bass is a Peavey milestone III, a "beginner" bass that i've had for about one and a half years, i feel it is time for a change.
    thanks for all of the help you guys have offered