Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Repair? Any Ideas/Suggestions?

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    Mar 15, 2018
    I've been playing bass for about 6 years now, The first bass I bought was an Epiphone Gothic Thunderbird IV secondhand on the way to audition for a band, I knew how to play the parts on guitar but had never even played a bass before, I instantly fell in love with bass and have never looked back, after a few years style changes and upgrades I am now using a Fender Jazz 2016 MIM.

    Although bought with some scuffs and chips the bass was in reasonable condition however it has fallen into major disrepair, the Bridge pick-up has a major chip in meaning the screws no longer hold the pick-ups down, making the bass essentially un-playable.

    I've been researching and pondering about how I would solve the issue. I can't find the pick-ups online, it seems that Epiphone/gibson have not only discontinued the bass but the pick-ups as well, I was considering buying different pick-ups but researching into it I can't find many options. There seem to be cheap unbranded pick-ups online however there seem to be no specs so have no idea how that.

    Another idea I had was to completely remove the Bridge pick-up, however I don't like the idea of this unless completely necessary.

    Any advice at all would be really appreciated, although this wouldn't improve the bass value and it wouldn't replace the use of the Fender I would like to keep it as memento and maybe pass it on down the family maybe have it be their first bass. (sorry about the dust but at the moment the bass is just on my rack collecting it up as I can't play it)

    Had to load pictures on Dropbox heres the link
    (Epiphone Thunderbird Bass Repair)
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    Just get a new set of pickups and be done with it. You just need to know the size of your pickups. This thread might help.

    epi thunderbird pickup options?

    If you want to re-finish the body, there are resources to help you do that as well.
  3. From your photos it looks like the broken-off pieces are still there. Just to see if it'd work I'd try some superglue.