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Epiphone Thunderbird or Fender PBass?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by d00kieguy, Oct 17, 2009.

  1. d00kieguy


    Oct 17, 2009
    Hey guys, I'm new here. I've been playing lead for a while, but I've recently decided to switch to Bass.

    Anyways, there are two decent basses for sale in a local place, and I'm trying to decided between these two:

    An Epiphone Thunderbird repainted to aged white/cream

    A mexican Fender PBass with pearl pickguard

    The Fender goes nearly $100 more. Originally, I was really bent on getting a PBass, but after seeing the Thunderbird, especially in aged white, I just couldn't pass it up.

    So which one should I get? Could really use some advice because I really can't decide.
  2. CombatCarl


    Oct 12, 2009
    Play Em!
  3. Which do you like better? Personally, I'd go with the P, but I do love me a t-bird.
  4. Bardolphus

    Bardolphus Put some stank on it... Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2007
    Austin, Texas
    Fender IMHO
  5. eriand


    Oct 17, 2009
    Just traded an expensive bass for one much cheaper that played much better. So go with what you love. That being said I got an Epi bass as my first one and . . . well . . nobody forgets their first. But as I got better and played other basses I found it didn't play as well as others, so I traded for a P bass. Love my P. I guess a good way to look at it is you see lots of folks gigin with Fenders; not so many with Epiphone. Food for thought.
  6. i own both and love both of them to death
    but how much is that P? what i did is find a used P and upgrade it....i bought my P for 150 bucks and all it had was some stickers on it that i took off and its my favorite bass i own to play

    now my T-Bird is favorite looking bass i own i did own a T-Bird IV but i traded it in and got the T-bird PRO its just like the IV but has a little better tone and such

    now if i was someone wanting a first bass i would NOT go with the T-Bird cause of playability the T-Bird is kinda hard to get used to with the annoying neck dive and its bulky and heavy and kinda hard to find a stand for it

    the P bass would be my choice

    everyone should own some sort of P bass at some time or another IMHO
  7. I love my epiphone. And my fender.
  8. d00kieguy


    Oct 17, 2009
    Yeah, one reason i'm thinking Tbird is because lots of people use Fenders.

    I live in Asia where it's hard to come by epiphones and anything decent brand new without the price jacked a lot.

    In dollars, the T-bird's around $260 with a custom gig bag and the Fender's bout $340 with a Fender hardcase.

    Now I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the Fender has the better price, since it has the hardcase and the pearloid pickguard. And brand new ones go for bout 500 to 600 don't they? It's still in mint.


    Edit: Oh, and if it helps, I play mostly anything rock and a bit of metal.
  9. Low Tone

    Low Tone

    Feb 7, 2004
    St. Joseph, MO
    Which comes closer to the sound you want?
    Which feels better in your hands?
    Figure out the answer for those two questions and you'll have your decision.
  10. I own 3 P basses & 2 'birds: an Epi Pro and a Gibson...

    MO: Both types of basses are suitable for rock & metal. While the 'bird makes more of a statement, the P bass is the overall better choice for an "only 1" bass. Down the road, the 'bird is a good choice for a 1st alternative, but be advised: it looks sounds & feels much different than the P bass. The 'bird also takes much more getting used to, & is more of a handful to play...again, IMO...
  11. Rocky McD

    Rocky McD

    Jun 28, 2005
    San Antonio, Texas
    Buy both, problem solved. Later if one is a dog, sell it.

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