Epiphone Viola SS = fun...?

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    Mar 24, 2006
    I went to my local GC today to see if anything new came in...nope same ‘ol stuff as last month.
    So I decided to pick up a bass that I never thought I’d pick up...the Epi Viola SS. Why? For one, I never seemed to like the tone of any kind of “Beatle bass” I have ever heard. 2nd, I was never really a fan of short-scale basses.
    So I plug this thing into a Trace Elf and an Ampeg 1x15 expecting what I believe it sounds like. I was actually surprised at how good it sounded, and even more surprised that it was SS. I had tons of fun playing it for about an hour. (But why do people keep coming up to me asking how long I’ve been playing...???)
    Every Beatle Bass I have ever heard, sounded dull and lifeless...but not this one. Maybe I just never heard one played by me before...
    The position of the neck pickup sort of bothered me, but I worked around it. It also seemed to not be able to hold a precise tuning long enough....maybe it just needed a workout.
    I then tried another SS, the Fender Mustang PJ, and it was another surprise. Sounded even better and it felt more like home.
    Then I tried an Ibanez Mikro... and hated it.
    The Mikro felt like I was trying to play a miniature replica of a bass...perhaps the Mikro is just a little too small for me...
    But I have been converted and am seriously considering a Squier Jag SS when they finally start making them again...
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    Nov 10, 2015
    I've really enjoyed the Epi Violas I've tried. They're well made and sound great.