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  1. I've read through a lot of the EQ posts, and haven't seen anybody having quite the same problem as me. When I turn up a bit, I get a sound as though my speakers are being overdriven, particularly the 210 cab. My cabs are 400W cabs (TC electronic 210 & 212), and my amp is Eden Navigator WTX1000 (500/side), and I'm running the gain/master at about 12 o'clock each (passive bass). I think it's an EQ issue, but I'm having a heck of a time finding the right freq to EQ out. Can anybody help? Please?
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    Could also be you're driving your speakers too hard.
  3. Thanks for replying. I don't think I'm overdriving - most of what I've read so far suggests the amp can be up to double the rating of the cabinet, as long as I don't push it too hard, and I'm not turning up over halfway. I'm going to try experimenting with different guitars today - starting to wonder if my main one has an electronics issue and I'm just amplifying a guitar problem.
    I've been printing off a lot of the discussion about frequencies and ear perception too - thanks to everyone!
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    This validates my own experiernce too. When I play alone at lower volumes the smiley face setup sounds way better than boosting the mids. But with the band at higher volumes it sounds muddy and undefined. But my question is why? Clearly the bands frequencies are effecting this but I don't understand why. Thanks in advance.
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  6. The Fletcher Munson curve shows human hearing by frequency at different volume levels. At low levels we humans hear mids very well, but not so well bass and treble. Human speech is generally in the mid frequencies. So to compensate you put a smiley face EQ to increase the bass and treble to hear them as well as the mids. And then maybe even reduce the mids which you hear so much of at low volumes.

    At louder, rehearsal and gig, levels human hearing changes and we hear bass and treble better, but not mids. So if you keep the smiley face EQ you are burying the mids under lots of bass and treble.

    Bass guitar note definition is found in the upper mids (500-1K Hz), so to be heard better at loud volumes, increase these upper mids.

    This is the simple explanation and reality is a lot more complicated. But it deals with why your bass sound can disappear in rehearsal and gigs, yet sounded so great at low bedroom/practice levels. You have to EQ for the volume levels if you want to be heard.

    The situation gets even worse if the guitars and keys are also pounding the low bass notes.
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