EQ for EMG pickups

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  1. miktit

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    Apr 15, 2001
    Hi everybody.

    I have a Warmoth 5-string with EMG pickups.

    I could use some EQ circuits on it, since it has passive tone-control.

    EMG has their BTC-system/control circuits for the pickups.

    Mys question is:

    Are there any better EQ systems, which you can use with the EMG pickups. Any suggestions are welcome
  2. I have a fender jazz special fretless w\emg's and the BTS controll(bass\treble\blend\volume)..the e.q. is a monster(in a good way)..the bass controll is centered at 40hz. and the treble is switchable for 4 different frequencies via a small circut board with mini dip switches(mine is set at 4khz) btw mine is also wired for 18 volt operation which makes for a hot signal, but very clean..the BTS system is killer.I highly recomend it for emg's. it makes all of what you like about emg's BETTER..